We pride ourselves in providing savvy professional services

Offering a range of business support and commercial law inputs.

Unlocking Business Potential: Commercial Law and Advisory Solutions

Our professional services expertise lies in business services (we are a valuable business resource) and commercial law (we are experienced legal practitioners).

We’re good at what we do, to some extent because we’re friends who relish our work and helping people achieve their business goals.

Pragmatic, Flexible and Solution-Oriented Approach

When we do our work, we first look to understand you and your business objectives, and then put ourselves in your shoes – that sets the benchmark for our business and commercial law inputs.

We think we provide a valuable combination of commercial and legal experience, refined skills and passion. If we can’t assist with something you need, we’ll say so and look to find another trusted business resource for you who can.

We are pragmatic, solution-orientated and industrious when we provide our business and commercial law services. We want you to succeed.

We won’t waste your time or money – our work is focused on achieving those best business outcomes.

We say more about the scope of our professional services on the Services page.

We can help you with your business and legal needs, how you want, where you want and when you want.

Flexible Business and Legal Advisory Services Tailored to Your Needs

We offer you a senior and experienced business and legal resource that can work “externally” or alongside you at your place. Call it “outsourcing”, “call-off”, “in house”, “consulting”, “business support” or whatever, we will accommodate your business advisory services and resources needs.

We can assist with a range of commercial and legal projects or initiatives, and otherwise lend a hand when additional business or legal resources are called for.

Cost-Effective Legal Advice through macdonaldstreet Legal

Where your work needs extend into areas of legal advice, we’ll provide that advice through macdonaldstreet Legal – unless we consider it inappropriate or not cost-effective, in which case we can arrange and gatekeep the advice.

You can use us exclusively on a matter, or you can plug us into a wider business or legal advisory team. The latter can work well for a range of work, including larger scale litigation, due diligence reviews and commercial negotiations.

And whenever you engage our professional services, you secure Rob and Chris, the two owners. No-one else.

High Value Business & Legal Advice Directly from Owners

Whatever business or legal advisory services or resources we provide you, you won’t disappear into the depths of an anonymous organisation and become somebody’s training ground – Rob and Chris provide the professional services at macdonaldstreet.

And we do so for a fee that is lower than many.

We will assess and confirm our availability promptly, recognising that we need to be in a position to discharge our professional services commitment to you – your business success is our priority.

Business & Legal Advisory

Tailored & Flexible Services

You Work Direct with Owners

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