Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you structure providing your business services and commercial law advice?

We are extremely flexible about fitting in with what you need for business or legal support. You can see us as your traditional consultant. Or you can bring us in house to work with you. You might want to outsource something to us. Then you might want to ask us to work as part of another provider’s team. In short, we are a very adaptable business services and commercial law resource. Keep us at arm’s length or bolt us in somewhere.

2. Are you different to other professional services providers?

We think so. And it largely comes down to our experience, flexibility, broader offering and (yet) small size.

It is important to see us as a business services and commercial law resource. When your business needs change in nature or volume, we can provide an elegant solution.

For example, yes, we can clearly assess the merits of a High Court claim made against you. But we can also go on to manage the litigation process to minimise its disruption to, and maximise the value of the legal input for, your business: we can instruct your counsel (as solicitor or client); we can work with those in your business who will play a key role in the dispute; we can assist with document collation and management; we can do so much to ease the load.

You get one or both of us, and we offer both business and commercial law capability.

3. What sort of work will you do for us?

We describe ourselves as providers of business and legal advisory services. Basically, if you need any business management/executive input or resource, or any commercial law services, we can likely assist (if we can’t, we will arrange a good referral).

Examples noted in the Services page include business (re)structuring and change management, project management and overview, procurement and sales, contract negotiation and drafting, governance appraisal and implementation, regulatory compliance and liaison with regulatory bodies, management of legal services (procurement and appraisal), dispute resolution/litigation management, and client work from other businesses/law practices.

4. How do your business services and legal advice work?

We bring together for you two parallel service providers: (i) macdonaldstreet Limited for all business advisory services and resources, and (ii) macdonaldstreet Legal for commercial law services.

5. Where will you do your work?

We are based in Wellington and Hawkes Bay. Obviously, a lot of business services and commercial law advice can be provided “remotely”. But we don’t mind working in your particular location in New Zealand, as the need requires.

6. Who does the work?

Rob and Chris, the two owners, do the work. Your needs won’t be offloaded to junior practitioners within macdonaldstreet.

We will not take work on unless we are confident we can meet timeframe and quality expectations.

7. What do your professional services cost?

Usually, we will agree an hourly rate with you before we begin our work. We have no routine office service charges, and disbursements are billed at cost. All amounts are plus GST.

Our objective is to position ourselves so that we are providing our business services and commercial law advice in many instances at or below the rate of junior professionals.